The "Flame Keeper" T-Shirt

March 22, 2019


When it comes to imagination and self expression abstract art captures our attention with a visual language that often posses the question, "What is it?"  Fortunately our opinions very depending on what we see and how our minds translate those images into something we recognize or think we recognize.  Similar to the patterns and shapes we interpret in the clouds, nature or that unusual potato chip.  Look at the work of one of my favorite artists It is challenging, entertaining and somewhat comforting to be able to tap into our imagination and discover something new.  We can celebrate this need to know and translate what we see by my original "Flame Keeper" print design t-shirt.  To me it is fire erupting from the pit of the stomach, revealing shapes, lines and images that  transcend into the sky like flames of uninhibited spirits.  To you it might just be an interesting design on a comfortable 100% cotton t-shirt or possibly something inspiring that wasn't recognizable at first glance.