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My work is all about freedom of expression. Painting and creating art to me is a way to explore the unknown. Over the years I have created my own visual language through paintings, sculptures, and multimedia venues. I use colors, shapes, symbols, patterns and imaginative characters. My art is an intuitive form of expression that is free of conventional realism and an exploration of my imagination. The images of birds, fish, fantastic creatures, celestial symbols, spirals, and random brush strokes heighten the sense of loftiness in my work. enjoy working with an assortment of mediums on a variety of surfaces including wood, metal, clay, ceramics and textiles. My innate freestyle abstract paintings are created with random brush strokes applied in a sequence of patterns and shape to give rhythm and movement to my work. Done in black and white, the paintings are stripped down to the basic elements of expression. When I use color my paintings explode with a vivacious sense of depth, texture, pattern and movement. The content of my work ranges from whimsical cartoon like subjects with a sense of irony and humor to more aesthetic and sometimes profound imagery. Sometimes I feel like a child who is given the opportunity to play with whatever material. That’s when I discover new ideas that often results in my best work.

Applying my designs to costumes for models and dancers to exhibit gives my work another dimension and draws from the energy that comes from the person wearing my creation. Doing large scale murals and public art also amplifies the imaginative expressiveness of my work. Visually depicting the rhythm and sound of live music on canvas has opened a whole new venue of abstract expressionism for my work. Action painting to music has allowed me to create art in the moment. The exploration of different mediums and applications drives my professional ambitions as a visual artist. and I want to make my work accessible for everyone to enjoy.

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Neoglyphic Fish $800.00 SOLD; Sweetie Birds $5,000.00; Viaggio Di Cuore $3,900.00 SOLD; See Life $3,900.00 SOLD; Virtuos Reality $4,200.00 SOLD; Sentimental Frenzy $1,800.00 SOLD; The Phoenix $1,800.00 SOLD; Neoglyphic Gift $3,900.00; Bust $1,000.00 SOLD; Il Dottore $1,800.00 SOLD; O Sole Mio $1,800.00 SOLD; Chicago Hope $1,800.00

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